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General Information

We at PWD will give you the opportunity to purchase a new or used motor vehicle with our secured loan. You may have up to nine years to repay the loan, depending on the age of the vehicle, at a competitive interest rate. You will need to provide the following:

Loan Requirements

  • Copy of Original evaluation
  • Your last three pay slips, TRN and ID
  • Favourable credit report.
  • Verification of additional income, if any.

Member must provide current motor vehicle documents where applicable:

    • Registration
    • Fitness
    • Copy of Title
    • Proforma Invoice
    • Comprehensive Insurance
    • C87 Form/Copy of import entry form
  • Member must provide Original Valuation Report not exceeding six (6) months
  • An invoice or letter from the seller of the motor vehicle.
  • 100% financing on New to 4 years old vehicles*
  • Can be used with duty concession
  • A minimum of 1/6th of the loan amount to be deposited to your shares account